Can we leave the Festival and come back?

Yes, exit and re-entry is possible after Friday or after traffic clears; however, we cannot guarantee access to the same parking space. Due to traffic patterns and many circumstances beyond our control it is very likely you will not be able to park in the same spot. We highly recommend that you don’t try to leave Thursday as we can almost guarantee your parking spot will be gone. Individuals seeking re-entry will need check in at the front gate. Anyone found to be entering the event through any other entry without proper credentials/permission will be removed from the grounds.

Can I bring my pets?

Pets are unfortunately NOT ALLOWED on the The Werk Out Festival Grounds due to the request of land owners. Regardless of how “nice” or “friendly” your pet may be, this event is a privately ran event with the requests of the landowners being granted. Service animals are allowed if you have proof of rabies shots and service license.

Is there camping allowed?

Absolutely! Camping is free for all ticket holders.  We encourage all attendees to bring their camping gear. We would prefer if everyone would make themselves comfortable and enjoy the entirety of our event.

Are camping fires allowed?

A community fire will be provided each night for the general camping area. One fire is permitted at each private and VIP site. Fire wood will be available for purchase. Please no cutting of trees!

Is there anything else I should leave at home?

Glass containers are not allowed. No drugs. No firearms/weapons. No underage drinking. No nitrous oxide. No explosives/fireworks. No ill intentions.

How can I become a sponsor or vendor at the Festival?

Sponsorship and vendor prospects can inquire at info@thewerkoutfestival.com.

Is there a lost and found location?

Lost and found will be at the Fire and Ice booth to located to the left of the Main Stages.

Will festival merchandise be available for purchase?

Yes, absolutely! Make sure you bring extra money in order to properly rock your Werk Out gear until next year!

If I’m disabled, where do I park for handicap access?

Inquire at the front gate as to accommodations one may need.

Are there going to be 1 Day passes?

Only on Saturday, August 5th for $80 at the gate.

What are the gate ticket prices?

Gate ticket prices are:
General Admission- $160 Thursday / $140 Friday / $80 Saturday
VIP- $320 Thursday / $280 Friday / $140 Saturday

l have a GA Ticket and want to upgrade to VIP, can I do this at the gate?

Yes! To upgrade to VIP is only $140 upgrade charge at the gate, or online at http://thewerkout.eventbrite.com

Will the festival allow alcohol?

Alcohol is permitted on The Werk Out Festival Grounds, however, we will not have alcohol for sale. You must be 21 and purchase an age verification wristband to consume alcohol on the property. Please bring your own alcohol for the weekend. And some to share.

Where should I park?

Bands will inquire at the front gate and directed to the proper loading/unloading zones. Those who choose to camp at the event will be directed to overnight parking whereas those! who intend on leaving the premises daily will be asked to park in the lot provided directly west of the entry drive to The Werk Out Festival Grounds as signs will be posted.

Parking for passenger vehicles is included in the ticket price to better facilitate a quicker entrance into event, however, if and when possible, please carpool.
(RV’s and busses require an extra fee. See the RV section).

Also, plan to carry your gear to your selected site. Walking distance can vary, but plan on a hike of about 100-400 yards, so keep that in mind when planning!  Assistance can be offered for those with special needs or disabilities.

I have an RV, can I park it on site?

Yes!  A RV pass can be purchased for $100. (Limited amount available)